Happy Earth Day

Relationships are like flowers in the garden of your life. Seed them with love, tend them with care, nourish them with waters from the depths of your heart, recognize their incredible beauty, and always be grateful that they are there – dancing that delicious dance of life and love with you. If you do, they will always flourish – and so will you.

Funny thing is: it works the same way for our planet, this our precious beautiful world.

So Happy Earth Day to you all
Dance the dance
Help the beauty grow

Aloha, Aliana

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There’s a new page and a new possibility – Logos & Sacred Geometry.

Be sure to click on the page and read all about it. Who knows, maybe having one of these powerful sacred geometry Logos turns out to be perfect for you – your business, your career, your dream – and that wonderful world of harmony and love we all want to be a part of and help bring into being.