Check it out!

There’s a new page and a new possibility – Logos & Sacred Geometry.

Be sure to click on the page and read all about it. Who knows, maybe having one of these powerful sacred geometry Logos turns out to be perfect for you – your business, your career, your dream – and that wonderful world of harmony and love we all want to be a part of and help bring into being.


2 thoughts on “Check it out!

    • Glad you like them, Gustavo. I do them for individuals, businesses and centres, to help them bring in that
      sacred and special magic that lives within their hearts, the passion for what they do, and what they want to
      bring out to our world of beauty and wonder. If you’re interested in getting one, let me know. Each one I
      do is different of course, and because it’s done for some specifically to rep their work, I don’t usually
      show them without permission. The one you see reps my sacred geometry work to people. What more can I tell
      you? Where are you based? All the best to you, and happy earth day, Aliana

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