© Aliana Alani 2015

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WE LIVE IN A FRAGILE WORLD where what we know or hold dear can change in a second, and there are so many things we could be doing to soften its edges and warm its moments – for ourselves and for each other. Things that often take little and yet gift so much.

GENEROSITY – the dictionary defines it as ‘the quality of being kind, understanding and not selfish…’

GENEROSITY OF SPIRIT – is defined as ‘including the individual’s pure intentions of looking out for society’s common good and giving from the heart’.

IN A FRAGILE WORLD where most of us feel unbelievably vulnerable most of the time, the idea of being generous can often feel threatening; as though it might take something from us when we are feeling we have so little.

EARLIER THIS YEAR, I had one of those ‘change in a second’ moments where life suddenly turns and you are left wondering. The ice cometh, the fall happens, and everything flips (including you) into a different reality. The swirl of ambulances, doctors and surgery abound and you find yourself a little like Alice tumbling down that rabbit hole. Fascinating in a strange way but…

WHEN THE DRUG HAZE EVAPORATES and you are home again, more immobile than not, you find yourself gifted with that oft illusive thing we call – Time. Contemplation becomes the order of the day. Thoughts, the important and the not, spin like a slow-moving carousel. You filter, and you remember.

STRANGELY, PERHAPS, it is those moments of kindness which rise up and prove all important- the little things someone did to make your day easier – the smiles, the laughter – the goodwill of doctors and nurses – the angels that hovered nearby (and still do). That, and the escalating awareness that there really really really is only Now.

I HAVE SHARED THAT AWARENESS so many times in the years of my helping others but never was it brought home so clearly as during this journey. Are we doing what we love? Are we?  Are we giving what we can? Are we sharing our hearts with others? Are we loving – ourselves let alone anyone else? Are we doing it today? Because honestly it all can change in a second.

WHEN ACCIDENTS HAPPEN, it is so easy to take a stance and to blame– the city, the store where it happened, the sidewalk – whether you are the ‘slippee’ or the ‘slippor’ (make sense out of that one!). Plates of caring are offered up (even the sidewalk if you listen carefully says, ‘I’m sorry’). But when the world of legalese enters the door of dialogue that at the beginning seemed so positive, that generosity of spirit seems to evaporate.  The corporate fear of being taken reigns supreme and what was once an opportunity for caring between human beings is gone, like dust in the wind. I find that incredibly sad.

AS I RODE THAT WAVE OF SADNESS, which often seemed to marry the sadness of the world, I kept coming back to this – every moment matters. This world and all that is in it. Every particle, every cell, every atom is beautiful in its own unique way and carries within it a vibration of love, no matter what its story looks like. And yes, on one level we are beyond all the stories, but at the moment we are in this one, and so we are also here to remember, and to live that remembering.

TO OPEN THE HEART can be a scary thing, I know. But if we don’t – what then?  To be generous of heart may just be the greatest opportunity we will each ever have. The point is this – if I let myself love each moment of my day as if it were the only moment I will ever have,  I just might wake up some day, whether here or in the heavens, and find myself able to say – ‘I danced the dance of love, it loved me back, and we were better for it.’

SO BE DARING. BE GENEROUS. When that tiny gorgeous flower smiles at you, smile back. When that wee bird chirps merrily your way, grin like there’s no tomorrow. When the river of life throws you a curve, catch that ball and toss it back with a hint of a laugh. And when the love in your life suddenly looks like a tender delicate leaf about to crumble, hold their hand and remind them how much you love them, because you do. It takes nothing of you and gives so much in return.

AND REMEMBER – there is only Now and you truly are Love.


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