by Aliana Alani ©2015

Do not think that because I appear to have little,
I am without power.

Gods walk amongst you every day and do not speak
of who they are.

Neither make assumptions that the homeless one before you
is not an angel in disguise.

For angels come when called but sometimes in the most
unexpected garb.

And those who journey cradled in the arms of war-weary parents –
young, just beginning?

They too are your brothers and sisters, though you know not
yet their names.

So separate not, nor limit, within the cloisters of your mind
and heart.

For the God in each does work in mysterious, oft times
variable ways.

The Buddha walks with you.
The Christos is within.
God is everywhere.

You are home, if you know that.
You are everywhere and you are Love,
if you know that.

If you live that.

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