For Your Consideration…

There are two new Templates from The Garden now available.


Size:  15” x 22” – on high-quality watercolour paper – done in gold, silver, light aqua, deep teal, and lime coloured pens

Focus:  to walk in The Garden of Life with a deep sense of calm and inner knowing, viewing all around from a place of peace – these are the qualities that SERENITY brings. To contemplate its beauty, meditate on its form and frequencies is to open a door to inner harmony, and indirectly, to contribute to the harmony of the world as well.


Size:  22” x 30” – on high-quality watercolour paper – done in gold, silver, copper, light aqua, deep teal, lime, and magenta-purple coloured pens

Focus:  to open to the pure joy of living, walking within The Garden of Life with a lightness of being, releasing the sorrows of the past, and allowing happiness to permeate all aspects of expression, both within and without so that joy becomes a way of life. These are the qualities and frequencies that DANCING IN JOY brings.

             *for those who might be interested – DANCING IN JOY was opened/created just prior to, during, and just after the Super Moon/Eclipse energies. Powerful times for a power template.

AS ALWAYS, the templates can be purchased either as artwork or from the perspective of being a Keeper of the focus and the power of its specific sacred geometry. The choice is yours.

AS MANY OF YOU KNOW, I no longer post images of the templates here so if you are interested in seeing a pdf of images of SERENITY and DANCING IN JOY, if you are keen to know more about them and to purchase one – email me, aliana at, mark ‘Templates’ on the subject section, and I’ll get right back to you.

Blessings and joy to you all.

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