To the Fear Mongers

Perhaps you do not know. Maybe you do not remember. Perhaps it suits you to not remember. Whichever the case may be, let me cast a window of knowing in your direction.

You do not own this world. It does not belong solely to you.  It belongs to us all. Therefore you do not get to decide what is right for me or anyone else. You do not get to decide if we will all live in fear or hatred or trepidation. You do not get to decide.

I realize you would like to. I also realize it might even suit your purposes, hidden though they might sometimes be. I realize that there are games in play and you feel obligated, perhaps even destined, to play them.

But let me reiterate – you do not get to decide.

This world belongs to each and every one of us, no matter our race, our religion, where we live, or where we would like to live. Ultimately we are all part of the divine energy of the universe – each of us dancing our own dance – each of us having an opportunity to shine a light on the very best we can be while we are here on this precious planet.

So you do not get to decide for me how I will feel, nor how I will think, or what I will do. That choice belongs to me, solely to me, just like it belongs to each and every other person on this earth. My responsibility in this dance is to remember that the choice belongs to me, and to choose lovingly and wisely.

So let me be clear about my choice. I choose to live in love. I choose to live in kindness. I choose compassion. I choose to care about my fellow human beings. I choose to see them for the divine light they truly are. I choose to envision a world of love and beauty, a world of harmony and peace, and I choose to see it happening now. I choose this, no matter what picture you attempt to bring to my table that speaks otherwise.

Your opportunity now, should you choose it, is to open your eyes and your hearts, and begin to choose lovingly and wisely.

Namaste.lotus flower

Another Templates Update

THE ALTAR OF LIFE in the Templates from The Garden series has found its home – and so is no longer available for sale.


The Templates – SERENITY, TOWARDS THE STARLIGHT GARDEN, RIVER OF LIFE, and PROSPERING #1 are still available. Scroll down to the last ‘Discounts & Updates’ posting to read more about the focus of each.

REMEMBER – DURING THE MONTHS OF NOVEMBER & DECEMBER, all Templates from The Garden for sale come with a 15% off discount. This offer lasts until December 31, 2015, and includes any new templates brought forth. I’ve been away but will be starting a new template shortly. I’ll keep you posted.

In case finance is a concern for any of you at this time, not only is there a discount, but a payment plan is possible, upon request. Simply email me, to find out more.

As always, I wish you much joy.

For many of us…

For many of us in this world, the time of Christmas is close at hand. It is a time of celebration, a time of remembering, a time of gratitude, and a time of family. Within its spiritual story is the journey of a young couple searching for a safe place to rest; a place to birth a child who would later prove to be, for many, a messiah.

Finding no room at the inn, so we are told, wherever they went, they ended up in a stable where the child ultimately was born.

The flight from one place to another is not unique. As a species, we have been migrating for as long as history can tell us, probably even longer. We move for many reasons, but much of the time we move because where we presently are is no longer a safe place to be.

Like Mary and Joseph, we flee for a better safer land.

As we prepare to gather our families around us, to decorate and light the Christmas tree, to sing cherished carols, and honour a special time, let us ponder this – Let us not be the ones who punish the innocent because of the atrocities of a few.  Let us not be the ones who say – there is no room at the inn.

We Are One

Nous Somme Unis – We Are One is both a statement and a declaration, perhaps even a call. It is also a truth. It speaks from the many to the many, and in this moment of tragedy, specifically to France. Like any good declaration, it comes from the heart, and it carries waves or layers of meaning.

The most obvious is to the people of Paris. It says – We are with you, we stand by you, your heart is our heart, your tears our tears – it says, you are not alone. The second wave speaks to the world. It says – You and I, we are one. We do not often remember this but it is true. So what happens to one, on some level, happens to all. It says (and this is the call) – We want, we choose, a better world, a kinder more compassionate world, so please let us stop this fighting, let us join together now and come back to the remembering.

Nous Somme Unis – We Are One.

This is the dance. We live in a world of duality, constantly surfing from one side of its coin to the other. One moment, we are smiles and laughter. Another, we are pain and sorrow. One moment brings love. Another, death. If we surf one side too long, it can appear to be all we have. That is not true but it can look and feel that way. In a world of duality, our greatest opportunity is always to come home to the centre, to live from the realm of infinite possibility, to breathe from the land of infinite love. It can also be our greatest challenge.

Nous Somme Unis – We Are One.

We are a world of immense diversity. Our species, that would be humanity, mirrors the world in which we live. There are many tribes, many cultures, many traditions, many faiths, and many languages. Midst all this diversity, it can be hard to spot the common ground, and yet stripped to our very essence we are all energy doing that divine dance. It is time to remember.

Nous Somme Unis – We Are One.

At the centre of each heart, beyond its ‘stance’ in the world, you will find a desire to love, to be home, to rejoice midst the heart of all existence, our eternity, no matter what names we give that. And it is from the heart, open and willing to experience anew, that we must come to each other’s table now and remember. We must have the courage to wipe the slate of the past clean and to step, with kindness and with love, into the possibilities of the now.

At the end of the day when we are looking back on our lives, it will always be the moments of loving that speak the strongest, that call out and hold true. The rest will be like the wind, blustery at times, even brutal in moments, gentle and caressing in others, yet still wind, just passing through.

Every moment carries within it an opportunity to love.


We Are One – Nous Somme in space 2

For Paris … For the world

These are the prayers we must hold in our hearts. They are prayers for peace, for healing, and for love. Prayers for Paris and for France. And ultimately, for you, for me, for the world.   

Why? Because what happens to one, on some level, ultimately happens to all. So do hold the vision of kindness, of balance, and of harmony in your minds now, and the prayers of love and healing in your hearts.

For Paris, for France, for us all. 

Discounts & Update

TEMPLATES FROM THE GARDEN SERIES — DURING THE MONTHS OF NOVEMBER & DECEMBER, all Templates from The Garden that are for sale come with a 15% off discount. This offer lasts until December 31, 2015. It includes the Templates listed below that are currently available, plus any new ones I may bring forth during this time period. I’m also including below a bit of ‘focus information’ to help give you a sense of the essence of each template.


Size:  15” x 22” – on high-quality watercolour paper – done in gold, silver, light aqua, deep teal, and lime coloured pens.

Focus:  To walk in The Garden of Life with a deep sense of calm and inner knowing, viewing all around from a place of peace – these are the qualities that SERENITY brings. To contemplate its beauty, meditate on its form and frequencies is to open a door to inner harmony, and indirectly, to contribute to the harmony of the world as well.


(This is the very first in the series)

Size: 12 ¼” x 22 ¼” – Done on high-quality watercolour paper in gold, silver & black pens.

Focus:  There is a beginning to everything. TOWARDS THE STARLIGHT GARDEN is a conscious first-steps walk toward a world of harmony and love; when hearts begin to open and eyes begin to see. It provides the opportunity to discover that The Garden of Life resides within and around us all, here and now. Meditating on it can help open this awareness.


Size:  11” x 15” – Done on high-quality watercolour paper in gold, silver, red, deep magenta & black pens

Focus:  Living in The Garden is to move beyond the mundane; to celebrate the sacred – the extraordinary in an ordinary way. THE ALTAR OF LIFE takes us along that sacred spiral that is inherent in all.

RIVER OF LIFE                            

Size: 15” x 22 ¼” – Done on high-quality watercolour paper in gold, silver, magenta & black pens

Focus:  There is an inherent rhythm in all life, a flow that ebbs and tides, perhaps even more so in The Garden where harmony and balance are essential. Like infinity, it comes from the core of all existence and weaves through everything. RIVER OF LIFE celebrates that rhythm. Meditating with it can help us come home to this rhythm on a day-to-day level, so that one day we may wake up and discover we are indeed in The Garden and are one with all.


(This is the first in a series of two – Prospering #2 has been sold)

15” x 22 ¼ – Done on high-quality watercolour paper in gold, silver, red, magenta, redwood & tangerine pens

Focus:  To prosper is ultimately to flourish in all areas and aspects of life. This is a prime directive of The Garden – for The Garden is about harmony & love, it is about health & well-being, it is about joy & the celebration of beauty – and so it is also about receiving. PROSPERING #1 facilitates the opening of a door into a world of such prospering – opening the heart to the expression, both giving & receiving, of all things abundant and rich and full of love.

IN CASE YOU ARE NEW TO THIS SERIES, each image is a unique one-of-a-kind template created to open a door to and encourage the flourishing of The Garden here and now; to help shine a light on its existence. By becoming the keeper of its story, you bring that resonance into your life, thereby enhancing its manifestation for you and for anyone who sees it, whether they view it as artwork or as a template.

IF YOU ARE SERIOUSLY INTERESTED and would like to see a pdf with images of these templates plus enquire re prices, email me, and I’ll get back to you. Please mark ‘Discount Prices’ on the subject section.


THE NEW TEMPLATE, THE ALOHA, from this series has found its home and is no longer available for sale – as has the template created immediately after THE ALOHA entitled, SAPPHIRES, which found its home before I had time to even let most people know.

I look forward to the above templates finding their best spot so they too can share the powerful energies created in & through them, both for those becoming their keeper and for The Garden.

As always, I wish you much joy.