Discounts & Update

TEMPLATES FROM THE GARDEN SERIES — DURING THE MONTHS OF NOVEMBER & DECEMBER, all Templates from The Garden that are for sale come with a 15% off discount. This offer lasts until December 31, 2015. It includes the Templates listed below that are currently available, plus any new ones I may bring forth during this time period. I’m also including below a bit of ‘focus information’ to help give you a sense of the essence of each template.


Size:  15” x 22” – on high-quality watercolour paper – done in gold, silver, light aqua, deep teal, and lime coloured pens.

Focus:  To walk in The Garden of Life with a deep sense of calm and inner knowing, viewing all around from a place of peace – these are the qualities that SERENITY brings. To contemplate its beauty, meditate on its form and frequencies is to open a door to inner harmony, and indirectly, to contribute to the harmony of the world as well.


(This is the very first in the series)

Size: 12 ¼” x 22 ¼” – Done on high-quality watercolour paper in gold, silver & black pens.

Focus:  There is a beginning to everything. TOWARDS THE STARLIGHT GARDEN is a conscious first-steps walk toward a world of harmony and love; when hearts begin to open and eyes begin to see. It provides the opportunity to discover that The Garden of Life resides within and around us all, here and now. Meditating on it can help open this awareness.


Size:  11” x 15” – Done on high-quality watercolour paper in gold, silver, red, deep magenta & black pens

Focus:  Living in The Garden is to move beyond the mundane; to celebrate the sacred – the extraordinary in an ordinary way. THE ALTAR OF LIFE takes us along that sacred spiral that is inherent in all.

RIVER OF LIFE                            

Size: 15” x 22 ¼” – Done on high-quality watercolour paper in gold, silver, magenta & black pens

Focus:  There is an inherent rhythm in all life, a flow that ebbs and tides, perhaps even more so in The Garden where harmony and balance are essential. Like infinity, it comes from the core of all existence and weaves through everything. RIVER OF LIFE celebrates that rhythm. Meditating with it can help us come home to this rhythm on a day-to-day level, so that one day we may wake up and discover we are indeed in The Garden and are one with all.


(This is the first in a series of two – Prospering #2 has been sold)

15” x 22 ¼ – Done on high-quality watercolour paper in gold, silver, red, magenta, redwood & tangerine pens

Focus:  To prosper is ultimately to flourish in all areas and aspects of life. This is a prime directive of The Garden – for The Garden is about harmony & love, it is about health & well-being, it is about joy & the celebration of beauty – and so it is also about receiving. PROSPERING #1 facilitates the opening of a door into a world of such prospering – opening the heart to the expression, both giving & receiving, of all things abundant and rich and full of love.

IN CASE YOU ARE NEW TO THIS SERIES, each image is a unique one-of-a-kind template created to open a door to and encourage the flourishing of The Garden here and now; to help shine a light on its existence. By becoming the keeper of its story, you bring that resonance into your life, thereby enhancing its manifestation for you and for anyone who sees it, whether they view it as artwork or as a template.

IF YOU ARE SERIOUSLY INTERESTED and would like to see a pdf with images of these templates plus enquire re prices, email me, and I’ll get back to you. Please mark ‘Discount Prices’ on the subject section.


THE NEW TEMPLATE, THE ALOHA, from this series has found its home and is no longer available for sale – as has the template created immediately after THE ALOHA entitled, SAPPHIRES, which found its home before I had time to even let most people know.

I look forward to the above templates finding their best spot so they too can share the powerful energies created in & through them, both for those becoming their keeper and for The Garden.

As always, I wish you much joy.

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