A Gift Offering…

plumeria-blossoms-just-about-to-openA SMALL GIFT OFFERING FOR YOU…

I’ve been wanting to find something to offer that might be of aid at this challenging time. When in deep listening, the Meditation series came to mind.

A number of years ago, I was guided to open a series of Meditation Templates that, by meditating with each of them, would help us move into a tranquil Garden of Love state of being. These were made available for sale as print copies (you can find more information about them at the Meditation Templates page,  MEDITATION TEMPLATES   One of them is entitled, RADIANT HEALTH.

It seems perfect for this time.

I’m not currently in a position to offer the print copy as they are almost all gone. But I can offer you the PDF image to download and meditate with from your computer, tablet, or phone. This is a gift from me to you. It is my prayer that it will help you come into a state of Radiant Health and remain there.

Below is the small information page that comes with the print. You can use it as a focus of intent, and you are welcome to contact me if you wish.



(A Meditation Garden Template created by Aliana Alani ©2016)


WHEN ALL ASPECTS OF mind, body, and spirit are in alignment with each other, resonating in a loving perfect ease, then optimum health can be yours.

IN THIS MEDITATION SERIES – RADIANT HEALTH – is a sacred geometrical embodiment of such ease and well-being; a configuration that encourages both a release of any dis-ease held within and a blossoming of the serene health necessary for life in The Garden of Harmony & Love.

Meditate with it and you will find yourself aligning, almost unconsciously, to the harmonic of a healthy balanced energized body, heart, and mind – until one day, after much meditation, you may discover that it has become your perfect state.

That’s all you have to do – meditate, allow, and be.



Here is the PDF for RADIANT HEALTH…


You should be able to click on the link above and access the image, then you are free to download it to your phone, tablet, or laptop. Alternatively, you may print out a copy for yourself if you would like.




I wish you much ease of being. May Love cradle you during these times and may you always feel the Eternal Love and support that lives Within. May RADIANT HEALTH be yours now and always.





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