BETWEEN WORLDS – Sneak Preview

BetweenWorlds – Sneak Preview pdf

This pdf link takes you to the land and story of  Between Worlds. It is a Sneak Preview so that you might get a taste of its magical timeless tale. Click on its link and enter a world set in the rolling hills of Glendalough County Wicklow Ireland, both in the present day and in the 6th century, and also in the bustling city of Los Angeles California. It is an intriguing tale that weaves mysteriously through past and present and begs to be read in its entirety.

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…logo watermark is only on the pdf, not in book or digital files.

The above cover design was done by Tannice Goddard


1 thought on “BETWEEN WORLDS – Sneak Preview

  1. I have just finished reading BETWEEN WORLDS and I must share that I LOVE IT. There is such a need to live and have faith in the between world state. The invisible worlds, in love and timelessness. I am a medium and a past life regression therapist and I KNOW there is no ‘time’ in God’s world. I KNOW there is redemption and healing and forgiveness, I KNOW there is a state Between Worlds where the body is an illusion and the bigger ‘story’ that helps destiny unfolds.
    This story is more than a story, It is a truth that holds the reader with its quality of genuine ‘calling’ on the part of the author. Thank you dear Aliana for bringing this into reality.
    In the Great Love, Alice Friend.

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