alianaI am a writer, spiritual facilitator, and visual artist, specializing in the creation of sacred geometry templates. Born in the land of snow and maple leaves, I have traveled extensively. I have lived in Ireland, wandering within its mists and magic, and have been enthralled by its legends enough to write a book called, Between Worlds. I have touched the shores of Spain and Italy, sipped their wines, and reveled in their stories. The land of the Mediterranean gives me great joy. As does the vastness and beauty of Australia and the depth of the Aloha of Hawaii, which has always felt like a second home.

For many years, I conducted retreats, workshops and private sessions in self-awareness and human potential for both individuals and groups throughout North America and parts beyond.

I have a deep love of myth and story, its power and magic in our lives, and how it forms and colours all of our journeys. There is both a poet and mystic tucked within me, and so it is perhaps not surprising that I find myself haunted by beauty, the magnificence and wonder of our world, and the galaxies that dance beyond it.

In my heart I know that The Garden of Love is around us, here and now.


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