Sacred Geometry


                Stretching back into the recesses of history, perhaps farther than our minds can presently envision, lives an awareness of and an appreciation of sacred geometry. Sometimes etched within the minds of many, sometimes within only a few, often exalted, frequently demonized, still it was there, wafting through our world like invisible geometrical song lines. For those who began to understand its intricacies, it became known as a universal language, one tucked within and behind the very fabric of our form and structure. Believing that certain configurations could create a powerful sacred resonance, architects began to utilize geometrical formations within their blueprints for churches and key public buildings. Chartres in France comes immediately to mind. Spiritual adepts followed those same lines initiating others into the power of the portal and its opportunity (via reflection and meditation) of advancement into a life resonant with harmony and love.



WHETHER LOGOS FOR BUSINESS, that help you represent the harmonic quality of the work you bring to the world so others may hear its call and come to you – OR TEMPLATES FOR AN INDIVIDUAL, THEIR BUSINESS, GROUP, OR CENTER that are created to help bring your specific focus, mandate, and intent into clarity of being, I have been opening Sacred Geometrical Templates for people for a long time now. Gateway to the Heart

Often called, GATES, they are multidimensional and holographic in vibration (though appearing two dimensional on paper). They are also a right-brain tool geared to help heal, clear, enhance, and bring into being that which has been requested. Like any good portal, they are powerful and effective, immediately setting energies of intent into motion. Like all sacred geometry I have been guided to do over the years, they are created to offer an opportunity for spiritual advancement, self empowerment, and a way of living in balance, harmony, and love.



The focus for both logos and individually commissioned templates is decided by you. What you see here is shown strictly as an example.


PLEASE NOTE;  2017 is the last year that I will be doing PERSONAL COMMISSIONED TEMPLATES of any kind. That includes – Logos – Personal Commissioned Templates for an individual, a business, a centre, or a group.

So if Commissioned Templates are something new that interests you or you have been pondering getting one for awhile, now is the time to take that step. Email me, aliana, at –  or leave a message below (with your contact details). Please mark ‘Commissioned Templates’ so I know what you are looking for. And thank you.



THE GARDEN:    Picture a world lush with harmony and light. Where everywhere you turn things are aglow with vibrancy and love. This is a world full of creativity and delight. It is a world of balance where each of us prospers in the best of ways, and it is a world where we all get along. This is the place I call, The Garden.

TEMPLATES FROM THE GARDEN is a series that started at least three years ago. The focus was designed to help create portals of light and love shining on THE GARDEN itself – that we might begin to see, hear, and live midst its land of harmony and balance once more, and so choose for ourselves a life of love. There have ended up being 33 templates in the series.

Digital Camera

BALANCE (snippet image)

Done on high quality watercolour paper in gold, silver, and coloured pens, and in various sizes, they have been purchased both as artwork and for those desiring a deeper connection, as Keepers of the energy and intent of that particular template. Frequently large, they are all incredibly powerful; creating a harmonic portal of energy and beauty that radiates into the room and home they are placed in.

Currently there are five remaining templates available to purchase. No new templates will be available in this series.



InnerPeaceWithWatermark(Small)THE FIRST WAVE of this series is now available – In print form, they are designed specifically for meditation, each with its own unique quality/focus. Please check the Meditation Template page for further information.




Digital Camera

STARLIGHT (snippet image)


Done on high quality watercolour paper in gold & silver, with a touch of black. Size is 19″ x 22 ¼”

FOCUS:  The STARLIGHT template opens a door to a gentle melody that lingers deep within the heart of humanity – reminding us that we are all a bit of starlight dancing in the heavens, no matter the shape or form we presently take, no matter the story.


If any of the templates listed here touch your heart and you feel you are meant to have one, leave a message below or email me, aliana at Please mark ‘templates’ in the subject section.



Love is the answer.

Always has been.       Always will be.