Light Within The Darkness



By: Aliana Alani
© 1994


Wings of song carry me into a softer shade of light
Before this dusk filled time marries memories bittersweet
Let me wander between the shadows and the grey
Catch their scintillating dance before I, deft and soaring, fly
Wandering, wandering, let me wander…

Mist of mountains thick with daylight’s heat rise
High into a cloud filled sky rippling fast with motion
Guitar picking blues repel against tree notched walls
Filling the gaps before night enters between the sounds
Let me wander, wander…

Undulating forests rap of peaceful times long gone
Pine needles whistle Guthrie tunes amidst the breeze
Symphonies are saved for sunrises and promised lands
No place for cellos between the shadows and the grey
Wandering, wandering, let me…

Safety’s high-speed train hibernates inside the layers
Of life’s illusions ready to careen into the place of owls
Where night and death serenade each other’s secrets
And wizards cast their fate amidst moon carved stones
Let me wander, wander…

Ah, to be the eagle or the wind, sliver of an ocean wave or
Sunlight, sand dollars or morning’s salty breath
Anything to reach beyond the darkness and the rain
Reclaim day’s moment as it breaks upon these worldly shores
After all, only lovers enjoy the night

Let me wander, wander, let me…




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