Aliana Alani ©2020


For many people, love is a many splendored thing – romantic, intimate, personal, even familial. For some, it is dipped in the sacred – think religion, philosophy, and the many books and practices that speak of it in divine yet often distant terms. But for others, it is the very fabric of existence itself – the essence that resides within the core of who we all are.

Love – pure, unencumbered, and eternal.

At a time when the world, and humanity as we have known it, is reaching a crossroads of being, where choices of love or lack are becoming more prevalent every day in ways often extreme and saddening, it is becoming imperative, if we are inwardly called to do so, that we walk the road of Love more fully than ever before. This is a Heart Call, pure and simple.

When we walk this road of Love, consciously, amazing things begin to happen. Kindness emerges. Compassion fills the air. And the weave and flow of life finds itself dancing in an exquisite harmony of being. When this happens, all life begins to prosper. A song of wellness flows forth.  A new rhythm materializes. And we are in The Garden once more.

But here’s the thing. Every time of planetary evolution requires a new song, a new story, to match the frequencies of this new way of being. Otherwise it runs the risk of reverting, often unconsciously, to the old paradigm. And every new story must flow forth from the divine heart within, it must be envisioned, and then loved into being – moment by moment, day by day. Without that, it can become but a dream wafting aimlessly through the ethers of creation, here today, gone tomorrow. That, or it hovers near, but we are not at the right vibration to see it.

At a time when world communications require 10-second soundbites and attention spans to match, holding the form of a new way is paramount. Walking its song line, as the Australian aboriginal people might say, singing it into being, stabilizing its frame, requires both a love for and a commitment to the unfolding and manifestation of this new world of Love. Not all of us will feel called to do so. But some will. I am one of them.

I know a world of Love is near. I have seen its colours, felt its rhythms, and been pulled to its heart. One might say that I am here for this time, as you may feel yourself to be. I know, as many of you do, that the heart of The Garden of Love, when we sip deeply from its cup of wellness and pure love is also the door to the Eternal Heart of All – Home, at its true essence – yours and mine – yes, even here on Earth. Some might call that, Heaven.  Imagine that!

So if you are feeling the call, dare to step forth, yes even now, to boldly and beautifully envision a world of harmony and love. When you have, sing its exquisite song into being with every step you take, every breath, day by day. And huge blessings to you for doing so! For when each of us dares to dream this dream and sing its song, change does happen, veils do lift, and we are in the Garden of Love once more.


Namaste, and much Love to you all,   Aliana