It is possible that I have always been in love with beauty.

In the beginning I found it via the usual suspects; a starry sky, a dynamic sunset, or a lovely piece of clothing. Because I grew up around The Industry, as those in entertainment like to call it, I also developed, at an early age, a love of the beauty of word and the power of putting it into action via theatre and film. I was lucky that way. Later when I started studying fine art, it was all about colour and light. I was mad for the Impressionists, at one point going so far as to date an art student who was convinced he was the reincarnation of Van Gogh. Fortunately for him he left his ears intact! I was mesmerized by the physicality of the body and dove into life drawing, ultimately doing portrait and figure commissions, mostly working with oils and pastels. Those were early days.

I’m predominately a studio painter. I love nature but I’d rather take photographs of it, sometimes using those as a reference point once back in The Room, sometimes letting them stand on their own. As time went on, I changed to acrylics and morphed myDigital Camera artwork into a strange blend of what I suppose some might call, the visionary-sometimes surreal-sometimes not triad. While living in Ireland, I found myself dreaming of Irish goddesses and battlefields of old, which as any artist will tell you speak in ever-increasing volume until you eventually turn them into paintings, or books (check out the segment on Between Worlds). When I moved back to Toronto, the focus became floral, sometimes with a vague hint of Dali, sometimes with a feng shui angle. Take a look at the photos. I’ll change them now and then.

Interspersed with that were pen & ink geometrical drawings; sacred gateways I have called them. Done in gold ink, they are multi-dimensional works, mandalas to some, portals to others, used to meditate with, work through issues, gain clarity, come into balance and help you along your journey to self-mastery. For others, they are simply lovely pieces of art.           I’m including a small image for you to take a peek at. It’s universal and geared to help open the heart.

Stay tuned for the new work, my thoughts about it, or make contact if you’re interested in buying. There’s always artwork available for sale.


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