My Books

BETWEEN WORLDS is a novel set in the present day in Los Angeles, California and in County Wicklow, Ireland, and also in the time of the sixth century and the moments before Glendalough began its historic journey to become a renowned monastic city.Frontcoveronly - half size - for internet

IT TELLS THE TALE of a woman who leaves her Hollywood life behind to follow the path of a face that has begun to haunt her. She goes to Ireland in the hopes of finding answers to its mystery. Ireland takes her along a journey she had not expected, both present and past. In the course of her time there, she begins to touch into another world. As she does, we too enter, and when we do, the sixth century comes to life. Gradually we walk its world as well as the present day, just as she begins to herself. Eventually these worlds merge, and when they do, we discover the mystery hidden for ages within the folds of Glendalough’s time waiting to finally be revealed.

Feel free to check out: or go to the Sneak Preview page here at 22shangrila to read an excerpt. There is also a page where you can purchase a copy.




IN THE REALM OF SKY is a touching story about a little star who lives far far away in the galaxies beyond; a star who knows it has a special purpose, has faith in that purpose being revealed – and then when the ‘right moment’ arrives, shares it with all its might.

IN THE REALM OF SKY is a heart song – both for children and for the child within us all.

At present, it is available in pdf format at a modest price.

If you are interested in purchasing the pdf of IN THE REALM OF SKY, simply email me – aliana at or leave a message in the comment section along with your contact details and I will get back to you.

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