* All Meditation Templates from The Garden are created by Aliana Alani (c) 2016.


lotus flowerTHE GARDEN:  PICTURE A WORLD lush with harmony and light, where everywhere you turn things are aglow with vibrancy and love. This is a world full of creativity and delight. It is a world of balance where each of us prospers in the best of ways, and where all of us tend to get along. I call this place, The Garden.



UTILIZING THE POWER OF SACRED GEOMETRY, each of the templates in the Meditation Series focus on attributes that are important to emanate if one is to inhabit a garden of love & light, our own personal Shangrila. When used regularly, they encourage positive change within. These templates have been created specifically for meditation. You can meditate with one at a time for a few days or for weeks, or should you get a number of them, you can mix and match. Each time you do that, you multiply the energies, allowing additional balance and understanding to come to you and encouraging within a multi-faceted awareness. Ultimately, there will be 22 Meditation templates.


The first four templates available are:

Love        Harmony        Radiant Health       Inner Wealth

These are print copies, not originals. Each print is done on Natural White Classic Crest Cover Weight in black ink and is 9” x 12” in size – and includes a small information sheet. The cost is $20 each +shipping/handling (Canadian funds).

*Special pricing is available for Facilitators wishing to incorporate the Meditation Templates into their workshops, and for Shops who would like to make them available to their customers. Email for more information.


AS A BONUS:  WHENEVER A PURCHASE IS MADE OF ONE OR MORE of the above templates, the Meditation Template, Inner Peace, will be included free-of-charge. This is a gift to you from the Universe and from me – because, as we all know, without inner peace it will indeed be difficult to have lasting peace in our world. And so I offer you this opportunity to come home to, and to contribute to, lasting peace worldwide by working with the Inner Peace Meditation Template.InnerPeaceWithWatermark(Small)

This is a small image of the Inner Peace template. Obviously when you receive your print copy, the watermark will not be present, which is here solely to discourage online copying. Thank you. Every print copy sent comes with added blessings.

If you would like to order additional print copies of the Inner Peace Meditation Template for friends, that too is possible. The only cost will be for shipping/packaging.


If you are interested in ordering any of the Meditation Templates, simply email –  aliana at –  Please mark ‘Meditation templates’ in the subject section. Alternatively, you can leave a message below.

We look forward to having you participate in the Meditation Series.



Love is the answer.

Always has been.       Always will be.