As you probably have guessed, this page is about what’s new, current, or about to happen. Mainly it will be about what’s available to buy but you may find other bits here as well. It’s a way for you to check out what’s current without having to scroll down in the regular postings section. The plan is to update, hence change, the page every month.




Here is the MARCH 30% OFF TEMPLATE…



Digital Camera

The Greening (detail image)

THE GREENING IS TRADITIONALLY KNOWN as a time when things begin to flourish – when that which has been seeded, births, and in so doing begins to blossom into its own voice of expression. It is a special time, full of manifesting possibility and the song of life.

There is joy and delight, a touch of magic and wonder. The air is clear. The sun is soft and warm. And all around, life is smiling. 

THE GREENING is one of the Templates from the Garden series.

Done on high quality watercolour paper – In gold, with three beautiful shades of green, and a breath of a touch of silver – its size is 15” x 22 ¼”.

If you feel a call to own this template, either as artwork for your home or as a Keeper of its energy and focus, email me at aliana@22shangrila.com.  Be sure to mark ‘March Discounted Template’ in the subject section.

Remember – THE GREENING is available at a 30% discount off the regular price for the month of March only.










lotus flower