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In honor of the magic of 2019 approaching … I’m extending the DISCOUNT SALE once again till JANUARY 15, 2019. Catch the beauty of it all while you can.





I am extending the CHRISTMAS DISCOUNT SALE to midnight on December 31st, 2018. Do take advantage of it while you can.

PLUS … there’s another new template … WINDOWS INTO LOVING KINDNESS … just opened and shown directly below this. Check it out.


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Done on high quality watercolour paper, in gold, silver, light & deep aqua, and red-violet pens

Size:  11” x 22 ¼”

Focus:    Like loving kindness itself, there is a softness of being with this gate, as though it is saying, ‘come walk a gentle world of love with me’.  Everything about it is flow and ease. It dances with a kindness that knows no bounds, and asks us to consider doing the same. It is a Window gate, opening a door for all to view and feel the possibility of a life lived full of love and kindness … for oneself and for the world.

If you choose to be a Keeper of this gate, you are saying that you too wish to enter a world of loving kindness and live from there.



morning-rain-drops-on-poinsettiaA PRE-CHRISTMAS DISCOUNT SALE IS NOW AVAILABLE … starting November 1st to December 25th inclusive … 20% off most Universal Sacred Geometry templates currently available for sale.

THERE IS ALSO A SMALL DISCOUNT AVAILABLE on all Private Sessions during the same period.

Feel free to email me, marking ‘discounts’ in the subject section, to learn more.



ALSO … there is a new template available …




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A PLACE OF LIGHT (snippet image)


Done on high quality watercolour paper, in gold, silver, deep aqua & electric midnight blue pens

Size:  11” x 18”


Focus:    A PLACE OF LIGHT carries both the opportunity for a lightness of being and the ability to participate in a world that increasingly exists within a realm of light. It encourages all within it to allow themselves to shine – in their talents, dreams, and in their hearts. It is a place where the light of wisdom and deep knowing reside, thus encouraging all who partake of it to drink from its light-filled well.

If you feel you are a Keeper of this gate, you are saying that you are ready to allow a radiance of being to begin to blossom in your life.



If you are interested in knowing more with the intent to buy – email me, aliana at 22shangrila.com. Please mark ‘Universal Templates’  in the subject section.





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