As you probably have guessed, this page is about what’s new, current, or about to happen. Mainly it will be about what’s available to buy but you may find other bits here as well. It’s a way for you to check out what’s current without having to scroll down in the regular postings section. The plan is to update, hence change, the page every month.



October has just begun and if we take a quick look around, it becomes obvious that everywhere peace is needed – especially peace within. Finding the time to meditate, to listen for that still point, is becoming imperative.

So here’s a gentle reminder –  the INNER PEACE Meditation Template  is available to you FREE-OF-CHARGE in print copy form – the only cost is shipping/packaging which varies according to where you live. To read more about the series, click here MEDITATION TEMPLATES

Here’s what the INNER PEACE template looks like (please note – the print to you will not have a watermark image on it).  InnerPeaceWithWatermark(Small)If sacred geometry speaks to you and you are keen to reach that place of inner peace, then this template can be of help. To order your free copy, leave a message here or email me at 22shangrila.com.





Three more months till the end of the year 2017 – a year that has proven to be chaotic and challenging in many ways. And yet within all chaos resides an opportunity for incredible growth and a deep commitment to an empowered loving way of life. Sacred Geometrical Templates can be a unique yet powerful tool to aid you on that journey.

2017 is the last year that I will be doing PERSONAL COMMISSIONED TEMPLATES of any kind, whether large Master templates (for personal evolution, for a business or centre) or Logos (for business). So if you want one, now is the time.

To learn more about them, click here for the page, Sacred Geometry, then scroll down to Commissioned Templates Sacred Geometry 


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