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Here is the MAY 30% OFF TEMPLATE…



Digital Camera

STRAIGHT TO THE HEART (snippet image)

Size:  15” x 22 ¼ “

Done on high quality watercolour paper in gold, silver, and deep garnet pens


The Focus:  Frequently we move through life in small steps – a little one here, perhaps a slightly larger one there. Yet every once in a while, someone will choose to do what we often call a quantum leap; to go directly to the core of life, whatever that might mean at the time, bypassing all else.

STRAIGHT TO THE HEART is a template that does exactly what its name says. It takes us straight to the heart – of The Garden and of Love, and ultimately to the heart of the Divine within. It is uncomplicated and uncluttered, pure and potent.


STRAIGHT TO THE HEART is one of the Templates from the Garden series.

If you feel a call to own this template, either as artwork for your home or as a Keeper of its energy and focus, email me at aliana@22shangrila.com.  Be sure to mark ‘May Discounted Template’ in the subject section.





lotus flower