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Here’s another NEW Universal Sacred Geometry Template available for sale…



Digital Camera

A PLACE OF LIGHT (snippet image)


Done on high quality watercolour paper, in gold, silver, deep aqua & electric midnight blue pens

Size:  11” x 18”


Focus:    A PLACE OF LIGHT carries both the opportunity for a lightness of being and the ability to participate in a world that increasingly exists within a realm of light. It encourages all within it to allow themselves to shine – in their talents, dreams, and in their hearts. It is a place where the light of wisdom and deep knowing reside, thus encouraging all who partake of it to drink from its light-filled well.

If you feel you are a Keeper of this gate, you are saying that you are ready to allow a radiance of being to begin to blossom in your life.


and then there is…



Digital Camera




Done on high quality watercolour paper in gold, silver, aqua, and electric blue pens

Size:   19” x 22 ¼”


Focus:     BLOSSOMING TRANQUILITY is a Universal Sacred Gate that welcomes all who are ready to dance within an unfolding world of immense tranquility,  where all rests easy, relaxing effortlessly in an ever-flowing evolving sense of Being. It is a place nourished by Love, serenaded by harmony, and enhanced by the light of knowing.

If you choose to be a Keeper of this Gate, you are saying to yourself and the world that surrounds you that tranquility of being and of manifesting is your desired state. If it is, then spend time meditating with it, and allow yourself to dream a dream of a tranquil life until it becomes your own.



If you are interested in knowing more with the intent to buy – email me, aliana at 22shangrila.com. Please mark ‘Universal Templates’  in the subject section.






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