As you probably have guessed, this page is about what’s new, current, or about to happen. Mainly it will be about what’s available to buy but you may find other bits here as well. It’s a way for you to check out what’s current without having to scroll down in the regular postings section. The plan is to update, hence change, the page every month.






A PRE-CHRISTMAS DISCOUNT SALE IS NOW AVAILABLE … starting November 1st to December 25th inclusive … 20% off most Universal Sacred Geometry templates currently available for sale.

THERE IS ALSO A SMALL DISCOUNT AVAILABLE on all Private Sessions during the same period.

Feel free to email me, marking ‘discounts’ in the subject section, to learn more.



ALSO … there is a new template available …



Digital Camera




Done on high quality watercolour paper, in gold, silver, red, and deep purple pens  

Size: 11” x 27”


Focus:  WINDOWS INTO BLOSSOMING CREATIVITY provides a unique opportunity to touch into the essence of creativity that lives within the fabric of all we are and do. It teaches how effortlessly creativity blossoms when love is added … how easily things can manifest when we are passionate about that which we desire … and how abundantly it can flow into being when our hearts and minds are united and in harmony with all that is. Remember, these are Windows, not the full picture … still they are an excellent beginning into the energies of blossoming creativity.

To be a Keeper of WINDOWS INTO BLOSSOMING CREATIVITY means that you are saying to the Universe that you are ready to begin to consciously co-create with all that you truly desire in your heart of hearts, and that you are committed to doing so in a state of harmony and divine grace.



And then there is…



Digital Camera

A PLACE OF LIGHT (snippet image)


Done on high quality watercolour paper, in gold, silver, deep aqua & electric midnight blue pens

Size:  11” x 18”


Focus:    A PLACE OF LIGHT carries both the opportunity for a lightness of being and the ability to participate in a world that increasingly exists within a realm of light. It encourages all within it to allow themselves to shine – in their talents, dreams, and in their hearts. It is a place where the light of wisdom and deep knowing reside, thus encouraging all who partake of it to drink from its light-filled well.

If you feel you are a Keeper of this gate, you are saying that you are ready to allow a radiance of being to begin to blossom in your life.



If you are interested in knowing more with the intent to buy – email me, aliana at 22shangrila.com. Please mark ‘Universal Templates’  in the subject section.





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