As you probably have guessed, this page is about what’s new, current, or about to happen. Mainly it will be about what’s available to buy but you may find other bits here as well. It’s a way for you to check out what’s current without having to scroll down in the regular postings section. The plan is to update, hence change, the page every month.



Just before the end of 2016, I started doing a couple of templates with a ‘Windows’ focus. I mentioned them near the end of the year but never got around to posting more. Time moved on and I tucked them away – until now. It’s looking like there will be 3 or 4 in the group, which can be purchased as a set or individually.

Here’s a bit of info on the latest – WINDOWS INTO KNOWING – with a Snippet image added for you to peek at. As always, if any of these interest you, feel free to leave a message below or send me an email at 22shangrila.com.


                                                              ©Aliana Alani 2017

Digital Camera


Done on high quality watercolour paper, in gold, silver, violet, deep & light aqua, with a touch of black.

Size is: 11” x 22 ¼”.

Focus:  In the depth of knowing lives a stillness; a resonant hum of awareness of how things really are and who one truly is. Such knowing encourages a serenity of being, a purity in manifesting, and a life of wholeness. Windows Into Knowing provides a glimpse into this well. It touches into the core of wisdom and speaks through tonalities to the inner sanctum of being. When looking at it, it sometimes feels as though we are entering a dance, a dance that can take us to the edges of infinity, toward the wonder of our eternal DNA.


Windows within a template always indicate a fresh approach and a new way of looking at something. The focus of a particular template will dictate the arena of that new way. When someone becomes a ‘Keeper’ of a Windows template (by purchasing it and then meditating with it), they may find that focus beginning to emanate within, and over time, a growing sense of integration may appear within their lives.


Yes, The Golden Orb is still available. Are you meant to be its Keeper?


THE GOLDEN ORB – one of the New Sacred Templates

Digital Camera

THE GOLDEN ORB (snippet)


FOCUS:  Like a seed within a seed, an energetic egg of illumination within the Cosmic Story, THE GOLDEN ORB dances with harmonics of spiritual evolution and discovery. It opens doors for us to claim our inherent divine being and resonate at new levels of expression, if we are willing to ‘make the leap’. It is a bit like hearing a choir of angels all harmonizing at the same time, and finding yourself rising up into clear skies of awareness and love via their song.


Done on high quality watercolour paper in predominately gold pens, with some silver and red added. Size is: 19” x 22 ¼”.

Email me for more information and to purchase.