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Private Session Work:  If your primary focus is to bring yourself and your work into a deep resonance with a life lived in harmony and balance with a World of Love, if you are keen to help bring that World of Love into being for each and everyone of us via your life and actions, and if you feel you could use a little help shedding skins or opening your heart more fully to reach your goal, then I would be most happy to help. Email to book a session.



Re the Sacred Gates, there is…





Digital Camera

A HARMONY OF BEING (snippet image)

Done on high quality watercolour paper, in gold, silver, two shades of aqua blue, and lime green pens

Size:  19” x 22 ¼”


Focus:     There is a rhythm of being that lives within us all. It is a deep heartfelt way, and when we listen and adhere to it, we find ourselves participating with life in an exquisite resonance with All That Is. Life takes on an ease and flow we have perhaps only dreamed of. This harmony of being allows for the effortless manifestation of our most beautiful dreams and desires. It also opens the door for us to truly engage with nature and all its bounty in a loving enriching way for all.

To be a Keeper of this Gate means you too are open to actively participating in a harmony of being in your life and work.



If you are interested in knowing more with the intent to buy – email me, aliana at 22shangrila.com. Please mark ‘Universal Templates’  in the subject section.



As always…

Love is the answer.

Always has been. Always will be.





lotus flower