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more castellian roses (3)Here’s the info on the new window opening – and the Personal Sacred Geometry Gate re A RADIANCE OF BEING being offered.

(do read the Intro to this on the main page of this site).

It is my guidance that a window of opportunity exists between June 21st and December 21st of this year, during which it will be possible to rise up to a higher level of radiance within and to do so with greater ease, IF we are ready, and IF we have cleared anything from within that might stand in our way. Because of that, during this time I will be opening two universal gates around Radiance.

However, in honour of this window, I am also hearing to offer something I thought I would not be doing again. As many of you know the door to individual personal gates closed December 2017. I never expected it to open again. However guidance is clear. And so I offer you this…


From June 21st to midnight December 21st – it will be possible to order your own Personal Sacred Geometry Gate with the specific focus of opening a door for you toward a higher Radiance of Being. This gate will both assist you in moving into those harmonics within, and in helping you clear anything that stands in your way. It will be for you and you alone – a portal, if you will – that will help you align with the larger window that is opening for this planet into a more radiant world of harmony and love.

This is a one time only offer!

The door opens the morning of June 21st and closes at midnight December 21st (no exceptions). It is also first-come, first-serve. You may pre-book if you like, so that when the door opens you are first in line. To do so, a non-refundable deposit will be required. The deposit is then applied to the cost of the gate.

These Personal Sacred Gates will be done on high quality watercolour paper. Size will be 19” x 22 ¼”. They will be done in gold, with touches of silver. If you like, you may ask for a particular colour to be added.

If you feel this is for you and would like further information and pricing, don’t hesitate to contact me. You can email me at – aliana@22shangrila.com  Please mark – A Radiance of Being – in the subject section.

I look forward to hearing from you and wish you unending joy during this precious time.



lotus flower



In harmony with this opening and as an added assistance with both this coming shift and any other issues you may find yourself working through … there is always My Private Session Work.




Private Session Work:  If your primary focus is to bring yourself and your work into a deep resonance with a life lived in harmony and balance with a World of Love, if you are keen to help bring that World of Love into being for each and everyone of us via your life and actions, and if you feel you could use a little help shedding skins or opening your heart more fully to reach your goal, then I would be most happy to help. Email to book a session. Sessions are anything from 1 to 2 hours, depending on your needs.



Re the Sacred Gates, there are currently 5 Universal Gates available. Here is one …






Digital Camera

A HARMONY OF BEING (snippet image)

Done on high quality watercolour paper, in gold, silver, two shades of aqua blue, and lime green pens

Size:  19” x 22 ¼”


Focus:     There is a rhythm of being that lives within us all. It is a deep heartfelt way, and when we listen and adhere to it, we find ourselves participating with life in an exquisite resonance with All That Is. Life takes on an ease and flow we have perhaps only dreamed of. This harmony of being allows for the effortless manifestation of our most beautiful dreams and desires. It also opens the door for us to truly engage with nature and all its bounty in a loving enriching way for all.

To be a Keeper of this Gate means you too are open to actively participating in a harmony of being in your life and work.



If you are interested in knowing more with the intent to buy – email me, aliana at 22shangrila.com. Please mark ‘Universal Templates’  in the subject section.



As always…

Love is the answer.

Always has been. Always will be.