As you probably have guessed, this page is about what’s new, current, or about to happen. Mainly it will be about what’s available to buy but you may find other bits here as well. It’s a way for you to check out what’s current without having to scroll down in the regular postings section. Hope you enjoy it.





autumnIt is Autumn here – lots of colours, falling leaves, cooling temps, and with it, changes – the classic letting go of the old to make room for the new.

My work is no exception, so stay tuned for what will be unfolding soon in the ‘NEW’ category.


As for the ‘OLD’ – this is a LAST CALL for anyone wanting some of the older forms of the work I’ve been providing for years – personal sessions being part of that. So if you’ve done this work with me before, found it valuable and would like a top-up, now’s the time. If it’s something you’ve pondered but never did and yet would still like to, this is the time to take action.

As well, there are still a few Original Sacred Geometry Templates available for sale. If you feel called to own one, let me know. As you may remember, there will come a time soon when purchasing Originals will not be possible. After that, according to guidance, only print editions of new templates will be possible to purchase, as and when they are available.

Email me, aliana, at 22shangrila.com if any of this speaks to your heart and we can go from there.

But truly, don’t wait long as the door is closing.



more castellian roses (3)


Once again, I hope this Update finds you and your loved ones safe and healthy. It is my prayer that you are finding ways to open to a new rhythm of life and a new way of participating in and sharing your gifts and talents with the world. May Love ease the way in everything you are and do.



I look forward to hearing from you!

Be well and prosper.





 gymea lily (format)


Stay healthy. Stay strong. Stay positive.



This is my prayer for you, now and always – May you walk each day in the sunshine of the Heart of Love. And may you come to truly know, and live, the Love That You Are.

For Love is the answer, always.



lotus flower