IRELAND, I am SO proud of you.

I lived in The Republic for a number of years so I know what a sea change this is. That vote yesIreland has cast its vote and now become a beacon for equality in marriage is a beautiful thing. That the Irish Diaspora came from all over the world to vote spoke volumes. That many shared with such eloquence and caring their personal journeys was a gift of courage given to us all.

Ireland is and has been many things, but for me, under all its poetic story and mysticism, it is first and foremost a land of the heart. Sometimes that heart has expressed itself through sadness & sorrow, sometimes through hardship and difficulty. Certainly it has arced its way through melancholy for many a lifetime. But it always carried that pearl inside ready to burst from its shell and shine for all the world to see.

Today is a day Ireland shines a light on love.

We are all blessed because of it.  Sure and it’s almost enough to make a girl fall in love with The Green all over again!

…many thanks to whoever did the wonderful wall mural. Hope you don’t mind that I took it from the internet for this posting.

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