For Your Consideration…

There is a new sacred geometry template available from the Templates from The Garden Series.



Done on high quality watercolour paper in gold, silver, dark mulberry, and violet colours. It’s size is 15″ x 22 1/4″

Focus:  BALANCE within The Garden is a space of centeredness wherein resides a calm knowing, for nothing is too much of this nor too much of that. There is an equality of being, a middle way if you like, that not only encourages an expression of wholeness but also provides a door, if desired, for a deeper level of being.

To be a Keeper of this template is to welcome the opportunity of Balance into your life, and hence, your world.

To view a pdf of the image of this template, for pricing, and to purchase, email me, aliana, at or leave a message below. Do mark ‘templates’ in the subject matter.

As always, I wish you much joy.



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