A Reminder…

Earlier this year, I posted a notice letting everyone know about THE SACRED GARDEN templates on offer. As you may remember, these are individual templates created solely for you,  your center, or your business.

Here is a reminder of what they are about:

                EACH TEMPLATE IS CREATED – to help you find your unique place of expression in The Garden, to help clear the clutter that slows you from being the best you can be in this garden of love, and to open wide the doors of your heart and knowing that you may then celebrate and prosper in this magnificence dance of love that we all have the opportunity of participating in here & now.

As I mentioned then, they are incredibly powerful tools that, when opened, provide a great opportunity for evolution. As I also mentioned, given the energy required to bring them forth, the amount of time it takes to do one, plus the rest of my schedule, I am only able to accommodate one commission template per month.

THE SACRED GARDEN template offer is only available for a limited time, so if it resonates with you, please do act quickly.

                 A 20-minute free consultation is available to clarify whether this template focus is right for you. Additional information, including price, is available upon request. Simply email me at: aliana@22shangrila.com. Please mark – THE SACRED GARDEN TEMPLATE OFFER – in the subject section to ensure that I receive your email. Alternatively, you can leave a notice of your interest in the Comment space below.

As always, I wish you much joy.




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