The rushing waves…

Another shock wave ripples through our world.wave-energy_nice-wave

Whether you agree with the recent decisions in the UK or not, find them right, wrong, or are indifferent, the bottom line is change is afoot. And though change can ultimately be good, it also often carries with it a rushing wave of insecurity, vulnerability, and a touch of the OMG factor.

We’re all connected, right, we know that now, and God knows we’ve had a lot of rushing waves lately, which means that, generally speaking, our balance factor isn’t exactly on center point – SO – beautiful people that you are (and you are!) – now is the time to amp up that glorious light of yours, hold that vision of balance, open up the heart a little more, and let the boundless love that’s in it cascade like a gentle waterfall of kindness and compassion into our world.

It is needed, now more than ever. Which means, of course, so are you.

Smile at the grumpy grocery clerk, shake hands with a stranger and mean it, give the person dear to you a hug. Reach out and share your kindness with others. It makes a difference. These are soft ripples in the pond we’re creating here, not tsunamis, but they mount up, they matter, and they ease the pain and confusion in this world. They ease the loneliness many carry, and they say, subtly perhaps – we are all in this together – we are one.

So please, go be that shining light. Help heal the world with love.

burning candles, like a heart


Love is the answer. Always has been. Always will be.





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