Happy Earth Day!

??????????????YES, IT’S THAT TIME AGAIN – EARTH DAY – APRIL 22ND, the day each year when many stop to ponder this amazing planet of ours. Some wax poetic about its beauty, speaking eloquently of tall majestic pines or towering mountains, soft sweet perfumed breezes and rippling waters, the cooing of birds or the click-clack of dolphins, or the green grass of home. Others plant trees and talk of needed conservation. Some meditate, perhaps along a cliff top near an ocean, and feel the breath of life saunter through their souls with the intonation of each crashing wave.

WE LIVE IN PARADISE and once a year we collectively try to remember that.

??????????????SO HERE’S A CRAZY THOUGHT. What if each day when we opened our eyes and looked around, we perceived only the magnificence of life on earth in its myriad of forms, celebrated its exquisite delicious beauty, saw that beauty in ourselves as well, and in our heart of hearts gave profound gratitude for the opportunity of being a part of this, the Garden of Life and Love.

And then, like the great creators and storytellers we truly are, danced its dance with pure abandon and joy!

Imagine what our world might be like then.

Aloha            Namaste            Blessings

??????????????PS – That picture in the middle? Those are young elephant seals you’re looking at, on land and in the water!

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