Yes, it’s that time!



We have crested the wave from one decade to another, landing smack dab in the early morning light (okay, maybe some of you got there sooner depending on where you live) of 2020. The beginning of the beginning of the new decade.

What will we do now?

2020 – Has a nice ring, doesn’t it. Even numbers, infinite possibilities, even in the midst of seeming chaos. As though we just might be able to sculpt a beautiful story of light and love out of its core. As though magic just might live in its centre, waiting for us to discover it.

Of course, the path to it is all heart-based. Nothing less will do, right. So do we dare to sing a song of Love in the midst of whatever else the first wave attempts to throw our way? Do we see beyond the illusion to the infinite wonder? Do we say YES to a positive Universe?

The choice is ours.

So get off that surfboard for a few minutes. Drink in the deep space silence that hangs out inside your heart. And listen.

When it speaks, and it will, give gratitude for all it has told you, and then follow its magical mystical sparkle dust road to the core of what is possible in this, YOUR, life.

It will take you to the heart. It always does.



fireworks with heart

Have a wonderful, peace-filled, kind, generous, and deep love 2020 life!! 



…thanks to the person who uploaded the 2020 image online, which I obviously borrowed.


And a BIG thanks to YOU for daring to be the LOVE you truly are.









Remember – Love is the answer, always.









Happy New Year Everyone!

I wish you happiness and joy in 2017.

May your fondest dreams come true. May love always light your path. May your life be graced each day with peace. And may you dare to share the gifts divinely given to help heal and prosper this world.


Be a light unto yourself.
Be a light for us all.

HAPPY 2017!

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 Have a blessed day!







IN THE REALM OF SKY is here now.

I wanted you all to know – I’ve just uploaded a new page –

imagineIN THE REALM OF SKY (pdf link).

This is the story I told you about recently. It’s available to read either on the page or by downloading it. Just click on the pdf link on the page and it should take you there.

If you have any problems, leave me a message. If need be, you can email me and I’ll send you the pdf.

I hope you will read it. It’s a touching story – both for children and the child within us all – about a beautiful little star who has a very important mission.

It is my hope that it might bring a little more magic into our world. What a blessing that would be – for us all.

Because it feels important to share it, it is (for now at least) free-of-charge.


Blessings to you all, Aliana

There is a bridge …

There is a bridge that exists between two worlds – fragile, translucent, almost ethereal.

It hovers, beckoning. Its glow, shimmering.

But do we see?


It is temporary, this bridge, and will not last.

Do we know? Do we care?


It travels between the world of love & plenty, and the world that soon will know no air.

When it vanishes, we will be but in one world or the other.

Does this matter?


If you find yourself on its path, do not hesitate, do not linger.

Dash over to the world of your heart’s desire.

And always remember,

At any moment the bridge could disappear, like magic, into the eternal air.

©Aliana Alani 2014


“It is our duty as men and women to proceed as though the limits of our abilities do not exist.”
…Pierre Teilhard de Chardin     ??????????????

Let us …

Let us tell magical stories together.


Let us weave life into being.

aliana alani 2013

for those of you who love poetry …



                        © 2013 Aliana Alani




Soft, how the river flows

and I, a thousand dreams away, ride

like waves upon the sea of memory.


Soft, the winds they do approach

and with their building swirl and blow

doth come the dance of love’s hidden symphony.


Spin and twirl, my love                                              single hawthorn tree

the fairies’ melody begins like May flowers

fluttering on a budding hawthorn tree.


And you and I, once wrapped in gossamer

will soon discover the light of day.


Soft, my love, the world awakes

with a clap and thunder.

Amidst the swirl…

I pray for peace

I pray for love

I pray for you.

munich burning candle

I pray for health

I pray for wealth

I pray for you.


I pray for harmony

I pray for strength

I pray for you.


I pray for this world

I pray for our family

I pray for you.


I pray for clear vision, unbounded courage,

          and an open heart

I pray for who we truly are in the light of life,

          and who we can be – even here, even now

I pray for you.


I pray for you

I pray for me

I pray.

                                                                                                       Aliana Alani (c) 2013

Happy Earth Day!

??????????????YES, IT’S THAT TIME AGAIN – EARTH DAY – APRIL 22ND, the day each year when many stop to ponder this amazing planet of ours. Some wax poetic about its beauty, speaking eloquently of tall majestic pines or towering mountains, soft sweet perfumed breezes and rippling waters, the cooing of birds or the click-clack of dolphins, or the green grass of home. Others plant trees and talk of needed conservation. Some meditate, perhaps along a cliff top near an ocean, and feel the breath of life saunter through their souls with the intonation of each crashing wave.

WE LIVE IN PARADISE and once a year we collectively try to remember that.

??????????????SO HERE’S A CRAZY THOUGHT. What if each day when we opened our eyes and looked around, we perceived only the magnificence of life on earth in its myriad of forms, celebrated its exquisite delicious beauty, saw that beauty in ourselves as well, and in our heart of hearts gave profound gratitude for the opportunity of being a part of this, the Garden of Life and Love.

And then, like the great creators and storytellers we truly are, danced its dance with pure abandon and joy!

Imagine what our world might be like then.

Aloha            Namaste            Blessings

??????????????PS – That picture in the middle? Those are young elephant seals you’re looking at, on land and in the water!