Another ‘Snippet’ coming your way

Since the response to my including a wee ‘snippet’ of an image of one of the Templates from The Garden was so positive, I’ve decided to post another. If it intrigues and inspires you to want to become its Keeper, please do make contact.


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THE GREENING (detail) – created by Aliana Alani 2016

Done on high quality watercolour paper – In gold, three beautiful shades of green, and a breath of a touch of silver.   Size:  15” x 22 ¼”

 Focus:   THE GREENING is traditionally known as a time when things begin to flourish – when that which has been seeded, births and comes into its own voice of expression. It is a special time, full of manifesting possibility and the song of life. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in The Garden. This stage in The Garden’s evolution (and in a sense within our own) is both celebrated and enhanced by this new template.

                There is joy and delight here, a touch of magic and wonder. The air is clear. The sun is soft and warm. And all around, life is smiling. Everything feels like it is dancing toward a delicious fruition. It is, after all, the time of THE GREENING.

Again, this is only a snippet of the original template. For further information and to purchase, email me – – and mark ‘THE GREENING’ in the subject section.

As always, I wish you much joy.



Five years ago yesterday, April 24th, a beautiful light transcended this world, moving into a different level of being. His name was Sathya Sai Baba.

Baba was many things to many people. For millions, he was a guiding light. For others, a challenge, even a threat. For me, strange as it might sound to some, he was like family – the spirit of a being you have known for so long but haven’t seen in eons. The universe brought me to his door, he opened it, I came through, and life was never the same.

His was a universal message. Though he spoke of many things over many years, there were two constants that wove like a gentle wave of energy through everything – Know that you are Divine, and be the Love you truly are. These are messages I too felt called to share when I became a spiritual facilitator.

As the years passed and I walked what sometimes seemed like different roads (that rabbit hole being one of them), Baba still wafted through the ethers of my world, usually popping up when I needed it most, a wee reminder that I was loved and protected.

Yesterday, as tears surprisingly flowed, I found myself remembering, and in the remembering, slowly coming home to a heightened level of purpose – one of those ‘Remember why you came here’ moments. tribute-graphic - sai babaAnd so once again, I find myself in deep love and gratitude to the man with eyes that could take you straight to the heart of the Eternal – Sathya Sai Baba.

I woke this morning with these words – they are for you – each and every one of you. I hope you will take them to heart.


You are the love you seek,
The peace you crave,
The abundance you desire.
You – infinite glorious radiance of the Eternal,
You are the one you have been waiting for.

A reminder…

The following Templates from The Garden Series are available and looking for their new homes. Perhaps your home is meant to be one of them.


Done on high quality watercolour paper, in gold, silver, garnet, and lime-green pens Size:  15” x 22 ¼”


Done on high quality watercolour paper, in gold, silver, dark mulberry, and violent pens     Size:  15” x 22 ¼”


Done on high quality watercolour paper – in gold, silver, pale aqua & deep electric blue pens.     Size:  19” x 22 ¼”


Done on high-quality watercolour paper – done in gold, silver, light aqua, deep teal, and lime coloured pens.            Size: 15” x 22 ¼”

THE GREENING          

Done on high quality watercolour paper – In gold, three beautiful shades of green, and a breath of a touch of silver.   Size:  15” x 22 ¼”


  Done on high-quality watercolour paper in gold, silver & black pens.   Size:  12 ¼” x 22 ¼”

 As always, the templates can be purchased as artwork to beautify and energize your home. However, it is also possible to become a ‘Keeper of their story’. In doing so, you have the added opportunity to actively participate with the blessings and focus they each provide; meditating with them, pondering the gems of wisdom each carries within, and allowing the template to influence your life in loving empowering ways. The choice is yours.


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‘Detail’ of THE WATERS OF COMPASSION created by Aliana Alani 2016

AS MANY OF YOU KNOW, I don’t normally post images of these templates online for many reasons. I prefer to send them in PDF format for those truly interested. However, I am going to break tradition today and include a ‘detail’ image of The Waters of Compassion, a truly potent template, whose focus is much needed in our world today.

This image is but a snippet of the template but it will give a wee sense of it all. I hope it intrigues you enough to want to look deeper and ultimately become its Keeper.

For additional information, to view the PDF of images, for pricing and to purchase, contact me at: Please mark ‘templates’ in the subject section.

As always, I wish you much joy.