There has never been a better time…


There has never been a better time to come home to The Garden of Love.

OVER THE COMING YEAR, I will be creating a series of paintings: small snapshots lush with colour and light guided by inner wisdom and brushed with the blessings that come from the inner garden.

DONE IN ACRYLIC (perhaps with a dusting of beads), each painting will be a segment of the delicious beauty that is The Garden. Some will be floral. Others may follow pathways or rippling pools, stately trees or even a view across vast waters. Some may contain portals. Others, faces. All will be rather surreal. Many will also carry within a touch of sacred geometry – a gateway to the Heart of The Garden – done primarily in white & gold.

THE INTENT IS to create both visual beauty and deep inner resonance connected directly to The Garden of Life, and hence of Love. So that whenever you view it, somewhere within your heart is touched and a door opens. You breathe the sacred breath of The Garden, and smile.

YOU CAN EASILY HAVE one of these paintings, either by buying one of the originals as they become available, or by having one commissioned specifically for you.
If this interests you, email me at:

Enjoy the day!

where is…

“Where is God?” The weary man asked.

“God is everywhere.” Answered the boy.

“But how do you know?

“Because I see you.”

A bit more poetry coming your way…

??????????????Whether it be sunlight

dancing on a blade of grass,

Or a lover’s smile

radiating throughout a room,

A single dewdrop

lingering on a tropical leaf,

Or a torrential downpour

soaking all within its reach,

Whether dusk or dawn,

spring or fall,

a starlit night,

or a blazing summer’s day –

I am haunted

by beauty.

Aliana Alani (c)2013

Here’s a bit of poetry for you…

Digital Camera


I am the drop in the ocean.

I am the sea and the wave.

I am the sky and the starlight.

I am the weak and the brave.


I am the moment before you.

I am the time when you’re gone.

I am the breath when it enters.

I am the world’s sacred song.


I am the heart of all matter.

I am the dance of all life.

I am the love that lingers

Midst the chords of everyday strife.


I          am        You.

Aliana Alani ©2013

Elijah Harper

elijah harper 2Elijah Harper left us today.

Ojibwa-Cree Red Sucker Land band member – former Chief – NDP opposition member of the Manitoba Legislature from 1981-1992, he will be forever remembered as the man who stood against the Meech Lake Constitutional Accord in 1990.

Sitting quietly in his legislature seat, holding a single Eagle feather, he appeared to be a lone wolf who actually represented many. One word was repeatedly what he brought forth – “No”. It was that No that would stall the process and it was that No that ultimately scuttled the Meech Lake Accord. He said the deal ignored aboriginal rights and so he could not vote for it. There too he appeared to be a lone wolf. One can only imagine the pressure.

For many Canadians today, Elijah Harper is probably but a fleeting memory. For the very young, perhaps no memory at all. Do we teach that moment of history in our schools today? I do not know. What I do know is this. Looking to that time, there was nothing so profoundly powerful an image as Elijah Harper in his legislature chair with his elijah harper 3Eagle feather and his serene dignity refusing to bend to the tide. That image swept across the nation and touched the hearts of many. No matter your politics, then or now, it cannot be ignored that Elijah Harper brought honour to the political landscape of our country. We could use more like him.

I am not First Nations. I have not had the privilege of walking that road, at least not in this lifetime, so there is no way I can truly know what it must have felt like, for him or for the First Nations people, then or now. What I can reflect on is the enormous pride he brought to many. There stood a man of integrity willing to fight, oh so quietly, for what he believed in. He was a member of our human family who just happened to call Canada, home.

As you read the biographies, you come to know that Elijah Harper was not without his frailties. There too he was one of us, perfect in his imperfections.

Bless you, Elijah. You were an inspiration.

May your journey home be a gentle one.

We are grateful.


pearls on a shellLife is a series of moments. Precious pearls dashed along the shores of our hearts. They can get buried by the sands of time or cherished by the light of love.

Love each as if it was the door to infinity. Walk their roads with delicious delight. Lo and behold, soon your garden of life will flourish beyond measure.