The Garden of Love


Sometimes love comes like a gentle breeze on a soft summer’s night. Sometimes it’s a bear hug and a big sloppy kiss.
Sometimes the heart opens like the tender flutter of a butterfly’s wings. Sometimes it crashes apart in sheer wonder at the magnificence of it all.
It’s the same with change. Whether big or small, long predicted or just come upon, it always carries a taste of the unknown. It can feel like a tsunami, a whirlwind, or the fluttering ripple of that butterfly’s wings. It’s your picture after all, your change, so it’s up to you.


AS WE USHER IN this new era and level of being, as we welcome in this year to come, and as the heart of humanity opens and breathes life anew, I wish for each of you the greatest joy and unfolding happiness.

WHEREVER YOU MAY BE, whatever you may be doing, may you bring unending love to it and may you throw open the windows of your heart and, with abandon, dance the dance of life in the Garden of Love.


star dust gold

We are stardust.
We are golden.
And we’ve got to get ourselves
Back to the garden.

…..Joni Mitchell (from the song, Woodstock)