And what is left…

By: Aliana Alani ©2016


And so it is that friendships
come and go.
And memories that seemed etched in time
begin to fade.

The imports of a life no longer
weave their spells.
Their words and thoughts no longer
holding sway.

And what is left is to the
alchemist pure gold.
A plot of heaven midst a field
of fertile light.

One solitary note. One single chord.
Echoing throughout the endless
chambers of the
Eternal heart.


                               by: Aliana Alani ©2016

 Today I pray for miracles.Digital Camera

Miracles for this world, for you, and me. Miracles that can turn the tide of being, here and now.

Whether for good health or well-being, for money midst dire or stressful situations, or for a caring voice during the passing of what has been or who has been with you. I pray for miracles.

I pray for the miracle of a shining light – the light that comes from that deep space within, the Eternal flame of who we truly are. I pray for this light to miraculously illuminate the path we now walk, no matter who we are or where we are, that we may see beyond the confusion and the folly that spins like a tempest upon the seas of our world, and find the courage to walk a path of love and understanding instead.

I pray for the miracle of love – divine and everlasting – to attend us all today; to unblock a frightened heart, heal a wounded soul, and mend a fractured mind.

I pray for miracles – that we may have eyes to see and ears to hear – that, miraculously, we might turn and realize what many who seldom walk this world have always known – that here sits a bit of heaven – a garden of love – a world of plenty and of light. I pray for the miracle of that knowing, and the audacity to live its truth.

I pray for miracles. I pray for love.


lotus flower




The Garden of Love


Sometimes love comes like a gentle breeze on a soft summer’s night. Sometimes it’s a bear hug and a big sloppy kiss.
Sometimes the heart opens like the tender flutter of a butterfly’s wings. Sometimes it crashes apart in sheer wonder at the magnificence of it all.
It’s the same with change. Whether big or small, long predicted or just come upon, it always carries a taste of the unknown. It can feel like a tsunami, a whirlwind, or the fluttering ripple of that butterfly’s wings. It’s your picture after all, your change, so it’s up to you.


AS WE USHER IN this new era and level of being, as we welcome in this year to come, and as the heart of humanity opens and breathes life anew, I wish for each of you the greatest joy and unfolding happiness.

WHEREVER YOU MAY BE, whatever you may be doing, may you bring unending love to it and may you throw open the windows of your heart and, with abandon, dance the dance of life in the Garden of Love.