for those of you who love poetry …



                        © 2013 Aliana Alani




Soft, how the river flows

and I, a thousand dreams away, ride

like waves upon the sea of memory.


Soft, the winds they do approach

and with their building swirl and blow

doth come the dance of love’s hidden symphony.


Spin and twirl, my love                                              single hawthorn tree

the fairies’ melody begins like May flowers

fluttering on a budding hawthorn tree.


And you and I, once wrapped in gossamer

will soon discover the light of day.


Soft, my love, the world awakes

with a clap and thunder.

For Boulder – For Colorado

Be strong, Boulder.

Stay strong, Colorado.

Our love and prayers are with you.

May angels grace your path and ease your way.

Bald Eagle Soaring

                      …Rocky Mountain high, I once knew you well

                                   as always, you are in my heart.

Amidst the swirl…

I pray for peace

I pray for love

I pray for you.

munich burning candle

I pray for health

I pray for wealth

I pray for you.


I pray for harmony

I pray for strength

I pray for you.


I pray for this world

I pray for our family

I pray for you.


I pray for clear vision, unbounded courage,

          and an open heart

I pray for who we truly are in the light of life,

          and who we can be – even here, even now

I pray for you.


I pray for you

I pray for me

I pray.

                                                                                                       Aliana Alani (c) 2013