Our Mission – Human Journey

For your convenience, here’s the other video. Beautiful



Our Mission.

Your Invitation

This is Desmond Tutu’s The Forgiveness Challenge. Click on the link to see the short video. If you follow through to their site, you’ll also connect in to Human Journey and there’s another video as well.         Blessings

Your Invitation.


©2014 Aliana Alani

Sometimes there are moments

When I wander through the galaxies at night

Or feel fear on the tips of a child’s hand



Sometimes the cry is too great

The anguish, the longing too large

Sometimes the cacophony overwhelms

And I long to rest



Then somewhere the sun rises in a woman’s smilerising sun

A world turns and finally knows its own name

Joy surfaces in atoms and particles for no apparent reason



Sometimes thoughts circle like tumbleweed

Along the vast landscape of the Eternal

Bumping into each other

Cascading or colliding


But sometimes they dance

In harmony, in union

Sometimes they love

And when they do, when they do

I breathe a sigh and relax



lotus flower