We are connected

                    by Aliana Alani ©2014

tuberose 3


In the distance a friend cries, mourning the passing of another

A senseless passing

In the distance, as though on cue a bird listens, then shutters

Wings flap, a caw is heard, and an honouring begins

In the distance


Here, a wind blows and swirls. There, a wave builds within the deep

Reaching the shores of another’s heart on the opposite side of distance

Who turns in wonder, for nothing happens without knowing

We are all connected


We move like butterflies fluttering to the tune of another’s song

Angels gracefully flying the skies of each other’s spirit

Dancing along moments of joy and sorrow, yours and mine

We are connected


In that distance, a man’s heart opens, daring to love again, further

Feeling it we turn his way, and remember – the magic and wonder

That is possible, here in our beautiful sometimes fragile Garden

Where we are all connected


                                                                                                  …for Naren & his family

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