Will you join me?

I have just put up a new page called, WILL YOU JOIN ME? Do go and take a look.You can find it above with the other Page titles that are listed just below the image of Pearls.

It’s about a call to love in action, about focusing one day a week on LOVE – together – wherever we are in the world, whoever we are in the world. Letting Divine Love permeating our bodies, minds, and hearts. Letting that Love flow through us like a gentle wave upon the shores of our world until, gradually, we and our world begin to stabilize in Love. It’s about recognizing the healing power of love, and letting it be a part of all we are and do – for at least one day a week – Sunday – together.

Check out the page. There’s more written there.

Obviously I hope you will join me.images-lotus



Questions or Thoughts? Here's the spot.

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