Tomorrow is Sunday.

lotus flowerIt’s our time, once again, to Make Sunday a Day of Love.

If you are new to this, please go to my page, WILL YOU JOIN ME?, and read all about it. You’ll find the title in the Headings Listings above. Just click on it and it will take you to the page. If it speaks to your heart, which I hope it will, do join us. As well, there are Share buttons. Please use them. The more people who come on board the better.

munich burning candleSadly, each week it seems our world is in even greater need of healing. And each week, because of that, everyone becomes more vulnerable. Nothing helps more than love – unconditional, kind, compassionate, and genuinely caring. Such qualities exist within us all, and sharing them brings out the best in  each of  us.

Though it may appear that it is a time to be fearful. Really it is a time to be courageous, to open our hearts, and dare to be the loving kindness we all truly are.

So please, help Make Sunday a Day of Love. Bless you and thank you for joining us.



Love is the answer.

Always has been.        Always will be.


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