Thank you!

To all of you who participated in LET’S MAKE SUNDAY A DAY OF LOVE – THANK YOU!

Your heart, your prayers, your kind compassionate thoughts are welcomed and needed. Bless you all for being a part of it and for helping bring more love into our world.

See you again next Sunday. And in the meantime, click the Share buttons at WILL YOU JOIN ME? (you can find it in the headings listing above) and pass the word along. The more people joining us next Sunday the better.

And if it feels right, why not let all that Sunday Love spread into the week to come. Though it’s sometimes hard to see it midst the pain and suffering, this is a beautiful world full of truly beautiful people and exquisite nature. Let’s shine a light of love on that again.



Love is the answer.

Always has been.          Always will be.

Questions or Thoughts? Here's the spot.

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