Hard to believe but…


We are one month into the THREE MONTH DISCOUNT OFFER – on all private sessions  and all personal commissioned sacred geometry templates.



As you might remember from my previous notice, the Private Sessions are usually 1 – 1 1/2 hours (sometimes longer), can be one-off sessions or a series, and are also available long distance via phone. The Logos are done via sacred geometry for your business or healing work, putting out an energetic call for those interested, and can then be used as promotional material. The large Personal Commissioned templates can be done for your center, business, or your own personal journey and life’s purpose. The choice is yours.

This is a 20% discount off any of the above work and is available only till the end of November 2016.

Please note: the large Commissioned Templates take time to do, so the number that can be created within the next two months is limited. Which means, if you want one, don’t hesitate.

You can contact me via email – aliana at 22shangrila.com – letting me know which work you are interested in and including your contact details.

I wish you all much joy. ????????????????????????????????


The Logos are wonderful things!

They’re unique. They’re beautiful. And they’re created specifically for you and the work you are bringing to our world.
Each powerful geometrical template puts out a magnetic call encouraging others to find you; to participate in the healing, magic and wonder that you are here to share, whatever your work or business may be.

Sound like something that’s right for you? Leave your contact details below and we can chat about it.
May your day be filled with love.