Need I say…?

It’s Sunday AGAIN. WOW, how could that be, and so soon after last week. Did time fly? Did the birds flutter faster into tomorrow? Did we hit the warp speed button and we don’t remember? No matter, it is Sunday and what does that make it for us lovers of a world of love – that’s right – it makes it LET’S MAKE SUNDAY A DAY OF LOVE day.single-red-rose-3

So get out there. Shake a few hands, hug a few people, tell them you love them, smile that radiant smile of yours and let it nourish you and your world. Cast a glow of love like a fisherman’s net into the beyond so that it can bring forth a song of happiness and joy.

And remember, every moment is THE moment – no matter what it looks like out there. So open your heart. Dare to dream the great dream. Dare to imagine it into being. And most important, dare to love.


Love is the answer.

Always has been.       Always will be.





Happy New Year

Wishing each and every one of you a very Happy New Year.

May 2016 bring you joy and delight in all that you are and do. May you create a magical journey for yourself, and dare to dream it into being. And may the threads of kindness and compassion grow within and throughout our world.

Let’s make 2016 the best yet in every way. And let’s love, more than we ever have – ourselves, our world, each other.

sydney 2016 new year'sThanks to the illustrious Sydney in the Land of Oz for creating, once again, what is to me the most spectacular New Year’s celebrations, and for whoever took this photograph.



Merry Christmas

May the true spirit of Christmas fill your hearts and bless your days.

May joy and kindness weave through every moment.

And may love and peace be the guiding light within our world.

Merry Christmas to you all.

A tiny update…

For those of you who are interested in the Templates from The Garden series of sacred geometry, I wanted to update you –

The templates DRUMBEATS, DANCING IN LOVE, & DANCING IN JOY have found their homes and so are no longer available for sale.

I am about to start a new template and will post some info on that within the next day or two once the door is opening.

Wishing you much joy.

For Your Consideration…

There are two new Templates from The Garden now available.


Size:  15” x 22” – on high-quality watercolour paper – done in gold, silver, light aqua, deep teal, and lime coloured pens

Focus:  to walk in The Garden of Life with a deep sense of calm and inner knowing, viewing all around from a place of peace – these are the qualities that SERENITY brings. To contemplate its beauty, meditate on its form and frequencies is to open a door to inner harmony, and indirectly, to contribute to the harmony of the world as well.


Size:  22” x 30” – on high-quality watercolour paper – done in gold, silver, copper, light aqua, deep teal, lime, and magenta-purple coloured pens

Focus:  to open to the pure joy of living, walking within The Garden of Life with a lightness of being, releasing the sorrows of the past, and allowing happiness to permeate all aspects of expression, both within and without so that joy becomes a way of life. These are the qualities and frequencies that DANCING IN JOY brings.

             *for those who might be interested – DANCING IN JOY was opened/created just prior to, during, and just after the Super Moon/Eclipse energies. Powerful times for a power template.

AS ALWAYS, the templates can be purchased either as artwork or from the perspective of being a Keeper of the focus and the power of its specific sacred geometry. The choice is yours.

AS MANY OF YOU KNOW, I no longer post images of the templates here so if you are interested in seeing a pdf of images of SERENITY and DANCING IN JOY, if you are keen to know more about them and to purchase one – email me, aliana at, mark ‘Templates’ on the subject section, and I’ll get right back to you.

Blessings and joy to you all.