©Aliana Alani 2019


morning dew

Everything that you are
Every cell, every molecule
Every bit of star dust
is You

Twinkling in the night sky
Sparkling in the morning dew
Laughing for the sheer joy of it


Everything that you are
is You
And everything
is who You are

Amazing, isn’t it




tuberose 3







It’s that time again!

shamrocks for st patrick's dayAlright, all you bits of starlight out there – it’s that time again!

SO, get out there, kiss a leprechaun if you can find one (they’re a wily group, wonderfully mischievous and gorgeous fun, so watch out!!), wear all things green (or at least one), and if you must, go do ‘the green beer’ thing too (not my favorite way of marking the day but…). We do not recommend colouring whatever river happens to be nearby, but since Chicago has gone and done it, well what the…!

Quote Yeats, Beckett, a bit of Myles na Gopaleen if you can (look that one up), wax poetic about the slow air, and generally give a thumbs up and a GOOD GOD, YOU’RE WONDERFUL to the day.

That would ST. PATRICK’S DAY, in case you missed the clues.

And to all my dear and beautiful friends in The Green – Love ya bunches – Wish I was there!!








Happy Canada Day!

maple leafYes, it’s that day again when those of us in the North celebrate the leaf (maple, of course), the syrup (also maple), the moose, the elk, the beaver, and of course, the loon (no, not the coin but that’s okay to celebrate too). We can be found waxing poetic about the skies, the vastness of the land, the beauty of the waters (cold though they might be), the music, the vino, the micro-beer, and all other things wonderfully Canadian. Now that we are in the time of summer warmth (and for some of you it is truly hot hot), you might even discover a few of us thinking fondly of snowy chilly times, but only briefly, you understand, none of us wanting to inadvertently call the frozen realm toward us any time soon.

So go out there and celebrate. Wave a flag, lift a glass of cheer, say EH! if you must (clearly I’m not a fan), share a memory with someone near (only the good ones are allowed today), be generous, be polite (another quintessential Canadian trait), be happy, and remember – shower your life, your friends, and your world with loving kindness … for if ever loving kindness was needed, it’s now.



Happy St Patrick’s Day

shamrocks for st patrick's dayAlright you lovers of Green, it’s that day again. So go on now, grab that Guinness, put shamrocks in your hair, wear green anywhere you can think of (hah), quote Irish poets who come to mind (there are a lot of them), watch your favorite Irish actors in your favorite Irish movies, do something kind for someone and don’t tell anyone (that’s an old Irish tradition), and wish the best of the best for everyone you meet.

And of course, give a topping of the hat (I’m assuming you’ll be wearing one) to the wee ones and their clans (of which there are many), should you be blessed enough to meet them.

It’s a special day but it’s also meant to be fun (also known as a bit of craic), so go have some!


Stories –

single-red-rose-3by: Aliana Alani ©2018


You can love them or hate them.
Laugh till you cry or cry till you sob.

You can bravely follow page by page,
Or sneak peek to the end, to be sure to be sure.

You can raise their swords of truth as though they were your own,
Or shake your head at the sheer folly of where they appear to go.

Through them – you can be a swashbuckler, a Cinderella, an angel, or a spy.
You can dust off your dancing shoes,
Or race that Formula One car to the finish.
In some, you can even fly.

And if they are good enough – if they are well told –
They will, at some point, capture your heart.
From that moment on, for however long a time,
You will believe them to be your own.

lotus flower

Merry Christmas – Happy Holidays


For those of you who celebrate this time of year – may the true spirit of Christmas fill your hearts and grace your days during this special time.  May laughter, joy, and magic ring throughout each moment. And whether your Christmas is ringed with winter white or island palms, may love and harmony prevail.



To all in this beautiful often fragile world – I wish you great joy, unending peace, and a life filled with kindness and love.

May your Christmas be merry. May your Holiday be bright.


Waves of Love & Gratitude…

single-red-rose-3TODAY IS SUNDAY – our LET’S MAKE SUNDAY A DAY OF LOVE day. Whether we share that love with those close to our hearts, or with casual friends or strangers through kindness and compassion, it is a day where we choose to allow Love to be the guiding light within out lives.

In a world currently up to its proverbial rafters in drama, let alone the real pain and suffering so many are going through, Love is needed more than ever. To see the other through the eyes of Love is to give our hearts a chance to open to the world as it is meant to be. It is an opportunity to offer the one gift you can truly give that can know no bounds – the Love That Passeth All Understanding. Touch that within yourself, allow it to flow forth unconditionally, and you will have found the door to Home.

Digital Camera

Here in the Great White North  – not so white yet but large and definitely North – it is also THANKSGIVING WEEKEND – a time of gratitude when we acknowledge, appreciate, and give thanks for all that has been given to us. We give thanks for the kindnesses that have been offered, for the food on our tables, the friendships that prosper, and the blessings that have been given. And for the opportunity each day provides for us to share our gifts and our love with the world.

And so I thank you, each and everyone of you, wherever you may be, for your courage and willingness to step beyond the norm, to share your kindness with others, your laughter, your joy, your smile;  to dare to love, and in loving, nourish your visions of a world of harmony, balance, and yes, even peace – so that one day, hopefully very soon, those visions will have become our reality.



Love is the answer.

Always has been.         Always will be.

Okay folks, it’s Sunday!

single red rose 3So roll out that inner carpet of love and let your open heart be a beacon of caring for our world. Share your kindness, your compassion, your laughter and your joy with those around you. Water your garden of life with love – and then send some out into our world as a gentle wave of healing for us all.

See the world through love-filled eyes that love may begin to blossom everywhere again. Listen only to the inner chords of love and watch how things within you change. Smile. Breathe. Catch the sparkles of beauty that dance before you. They’ve always been there. They just prefer to dance to the tune of love.

And drink in some of that love for yourself as well. After all, it’s who you truly are.




Love is the answer

Always has been.          Always will be.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day

 “The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” …W.B.Yeats

shamrocks for st patrick's day

It’s St. Patrick’s Day – so go on now, celebrate The Green, raise a glass to the isle, toast the impossibly possible, dance with good friends, delight in great moments, and whatever you do, don’t forget the magic – because the magic is so much of what makes The Green, and life itself, truly special.




                                                                                                             © Aliana Alani 2015

single red rose 3

WE LIVE IN A FRAGILE WORLD where what we know or hold dear can change in a second, and there are so many things we could be doing to soften its edges and warm its moments – for ourselves and for each other. Things that often take little and yet gift so much.

GENEROSITY – the dictionary defines it as ‘the quality of being kind, understanding and not selfish…’

GENEROSITY OF SPIRIT – is defined as ‘including the individual’s pure intentions of looking out for society’s common good and giving from the heart’.

IN A FRAGILE WORLD where most of us feel unbelievably vulnerable most of the time, the idea of being generous can often feel threatening; as though it might take something from us when we are feeling we have so little.

EARLIER THIS YEAR, I had one of those ‘change in a second’ moments where life suddenly turns and you are left wondering. The ice cometh, the fall happens, and everything flips (including you) into a different reality. The swirl of ambulances, doctors and surgery abound and you find yourself a little like Alice tumbling down that rabbit hole. Fascinating in a strange way but…

WHEN THE DRUG HAZE EVAPORATES and you are home again, more immobile than not, you find yourself gifted with that oft illusive thing we call – Time. Contemplation becomes the order of the day. Thoughts, the important and the not, spin like a slow-moving carousel. You filter, and you remember.

STRANGELY, PERHAPS, it is those moments of kindness which rise up and prove all important- the little things someone did to make your day easier – the smiles, the laughter – the goodwill of doctors and nurses – the angels that hovered nearby (and still do). That, and the escalating awareness that there really really really is only Now.

I HAVE SHARED THAT AWARENESS so many times in the years of my helping others but never was it brought home so clearly as during this journey. Are we doing what we love? Are we?  Are we giving what we can? Are we sharing our hearts with others? Are we loving – ourselves let alone anyone else? Are we doing it today? Because honestly it all can change in a second.

WHEN ACCIDENTS HAPPEN, it is so easy to take a stance and to blame– the city, the store where it happened, the sidewalk – whether you are the ‘slippee’ or the ‘slippor’ (make sense out of that one!). Plates of caring are offered up (even the sidewalk if you listen carefully says, ‘I’m sorry’). But when the world of legalese enters the door of dialogue that at the beginning seemed so positive, that generosity of spirit seems to evaporate.  The corporate fear of being taken reigns supreme and what was once an opportunity for caring between human beings is gone, like dust in the wind. I find that incredibly sad.

AS I RODE THAT WAVE OF SADNESS, which often seemed to marry the sadness of the world, I kept coming back to this – every moment matters. This world and all that is in it. Every particle, every cell, every atom is beautiful in its own unique way and carries within it a vibration of love, no matter what its story looks like. And yes, on one level we are beyond all the stories, but at the moment we are in this one, and so we are also here to remember, and to live that remembering.

TO OPEN THE HEART can be a scary thing, I know. But if we don’t – what then?  To be generous of heart may just be the greatest opportunity we will each ever have. The point is this – if I let myself love each moment of my day as if it were the only moment I will ever have,  I just might wake up some day, whether here or in the heavens, and find myself able to say – ‘I danced the dance of love, it loved me back, and we were better for it.’

SO BE DARING. BE GENEROUS. When that tiny gorgeous flower smiles at you, smile back. When that wee bird chirps merrily your way, grin like there’s no tomorrow. When the river of life throws you a curve, catch that ball and toss it back with a hint of a laugh. And when the love in your life suddenly looks like a tender delicate leaf about to crumble, hold their hand and remind them how much you love them, because you do. It takes nothing of you and gives so much in return.

AND REMEMBER – there is only Now and you truly are Love.